A challenge and a gift

One of the great blessings of religious life in the Society of the Sacred Heart is the opportunity to live in community with other RSCJ. While prayer and service are essential to life as a religious, it is community that holds the consecrated life together. Each member of the Society knows that she is not alone in moving our mission forward. We know that we can call on any of our sisters for her gifts, her expertise and her knowledge – and she will share them.

In the United States – Canada Province, community life takes many forms. Most of us live in small communities ranging from as few as two to as many as eight. Just as there is no one size fits all vocation, there is no one way to live in community. But, in general, you will find in our communities opportunities for individual and communal prayer, shared meals and shared responsibilities. We negotiate the give-and-take of life in community as we honor one another’s opinions.

Community life is a gift and a process that invites Religious of the Sacred Heart to constant transformation. They learn to welcome and accept one another, appreciating their differences as gifts. It is not always easy, but the daily challenge to share, to set aside self-interest, to think of the needs of others, is a call to communion not only with their sisters, but with the broader community.

 “Through our mutual trust, the sharing of our prayer and life experiences,
through our love and loyalty towards one another,
we come to find real joy in living together,
welcoming our gifts and our differences of culture and mentality.
Our desire to live in mutual love helps us to overcome our egoism,
and to work through our moments of tension, open to forgiveness and reconciliation.”
(Constitutions of 1982, ¶ 31)

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