Concepción Camacho, RSCJ

Concepcion Camacho, RSCJ RIP

Death: Feb. 3, 2014

We ask for your prayers for our dear sister Concepción (Concha) Camacho, RSCJ, who passed away this morning. Sister Camacho accepted the call to serve as the Society of the Sacred Heart Superior General during the 1970 General Chapter - a challenging and rewarding time of both upheaval and renewal for the Roman Catholic Church and for women religious.

In a letter to members of the Society of the Sacred Heart, Superior General Kathleen Conan wrote:

Let us join together in giving thanks for the life of Concha Camacho and for her gift of self to God and to the Society. Her prayer, her depth, her courage, her faithfulness continue to mark the life of the Society. 

She called us to renewal in the contemplative dimension of our life. She helped us be attuned to the pierced heart of Jesus in the wounded heart of humanity. She led us in ongoing discernment, that we might respond with God’s love to the calls of new times in our world and in our Church. 

As she now knows the fullness of God’s love after such time of suffering, may she bless us as we continue to try to be responsive to the Spirit and faithful to the vocation of God’s love to which we are called.

 "The contemplative outlook consists in looking with the heart, into the heart.
It is an attitude of life that takes over the whole being:
intelligence, heart, feelings, will,
to make it attentive to God's love and prompt to respond to it. "
(Concha Camacho RSCJ, 1980)


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hola quisiera recibir información my granfather is ricardo concha camacho sera familia de la hermana concepción el tuvo muchos hermanos