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Widening the Society in the United States

For me, one of Philippine's major accomplishments was firmly establishing the Society of the Sacred Heart in the United States. She rooted the Society on this soil solidly in the vision of her friend and superior, Madeleine Sophie Barat. Thousands of miles away from the center of the Society, Philippine worked determinedly to keep the houses in this country united and conformed to its universal mission. French by birth, Philippine transcended the confines of nationality, and did the same for the new province. Thus, she bestowed on the Society in the New World one of its most distinctive and endearing characteristics: wideness. The spirit of the Society that she planted was broad and spacious, deep and high, inclusive and securely grounded in the living heritage of this "little Society."

We - RSCJ, educators, alumnae, associates and friends – owe her a huge debt. Where would we be without her love of the international Society, her heart that embraced the whole world, and her instinct to connect us one to another?

Jan Dunn, RSCJ