Sophia House

Outreach to women and young adults in Berkeley

The United States - Canada Province recently established the Sophia House Community in Berkeley California. The mission of Sophia House is to reach out to women and young adults in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and to provide resources and companionship to women of all ages. Currently, four RSCJ live in the community. Each member of the community carries out her own ministry, but is also committed to the shared ministry of the House.

The community regularly welcomes people to the house, as individuals and as groups, for prayer, meals, discussion, films, and celebrations. For example, some twenty women gather each month for “Prayer and Potluck.”  This year, the focus that weaves the prayer together from month to month has been “Journeying with Spirit Sophia.” Prayer is always followed by a wonderful meal prepared by those who participate. 

The Sophia House community places an emphasis on simplicity of life, care for the environment, contemplation and community life. Currently, the community is creating a permaculture garden in the back yard. We expect our new garden to provide fruits and vegetables for the community, with enough to share with neighbors and friends. It will also be part of the community's ministry as we welcome young adults who will help plant and tend the garden and learn the permaculture gardening method in the process. This quiet part of God’s beautiful creation will also be a place of gathering for prayer, conversation, and reflection on our shared ecological vocation.

Other outreach of Sophia House includes Life Direction Retreats, live-in weekends for women interested in religious life, celebration of cultural “feasts” such as Lunar New Year, presentations on ecological concerns, and seasonal evening prayer.

Please email Mary McGann, RSCJ, for more information or to visit.

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