To help you pray ...

Just as we each have our own unique relationship with God, we each have a different way of being with God. For every person, there is a different style of prayer. Within the Society, all forms are used and accepted. You will find among us women who prefer traditional means: the rosary, Eucharistic adoration, and always, the Mass. You will also find RSCJ who have integrated meditation, Hindu practices and yoga! For a list of great resources on prayer, you may want to visit the website of the international Society of the Sacred Heart.

We invite you to use this Prayer for Discernment, written by Mary Pat White, RSCJ.

Technology to help you pray

More and more Religious of the Sacred Heart are using technology in their prayer life. If you're the type to want an app for that, check out:

  • My Call Me Back App: Developed by the Society of the Sacred Heart, My Call Me Back is an online and in person community for people seeking ways to respond to their personal life calls through self-reflection, faith experience, interaction, creative expression, and transformative actions for justice, peace, and the integrity of our planet.
  • Insight Timer: This app provides guided meditations and a global prayer community.
  • Pray as You Go: Daily prayer for MP3 players, by the Jesuit Media Initiatives, London, England

Do you have your own favorite? Please tell us about it!

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