The path to unity

Religious of the Sacred Heart recognize dialogue as the way to a more human world, a life with Spirit. We are convinced that dialogue is the way for the world today.

The interculturality of the Society of the Sacred Heart imparts a richness to our union. Gathered around the table of life, we offer what we have and learn from each other. We wish to grow in sensitivity and creativity to use language as a means of communication, a vehicle for encounter, a medium for each one to express herself and contribute from her cultural identity.

We recognize dialogue as dynamic experience, not static theory. Dialogue invites us to move and discover the context from which we speak and express our ideas, choices and feelings. As Religious of the Sacred Heart, we are faithful to the spirit of St. Madeleine Sophie, a woman of relationships and dialogue. From her we learn the value of nurturing, intimacy, patience and love as attitudes of the heart which draw us into communion.

Our vocation to discover and manifest love moves us into an ongoing reciprocity: to live, journey, and share among ourselves and with others. We discover that true communion happens when we touch the heart, and there recognize the presence of the Spirit. With a contemplative heart inhabited by the Spirit, we listen to the world as it shares its hopes and suffering. Here we find the Heart of Jesus incarnate in history, which calls us to new relationships with others and with all creation as one body.

(Adapted from General Chapter 2008 documents, ┬ęSociety of the Sacred Heart)

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