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Our Spirituality

In prayer we come to Him with everything that touches our life,
with the sufferings and hopes of humanity.
 (Constitutions, 20)

As apostolic contemplatives, Religious of the Sacred Heart root our lives in prayer. With a mission to discover and reveal the love of God, our spirituality and our mission are based in love. Our contemplative outlook is part of who we are, whether in prayer, in ministry or in our daily lives.

"The contemplative outlook on the world has been a call to be authentic apostles of Christ's love, to help bring to birth a more welcoming world, to make known a God who is great, bountiful and tender. It is a call to educate in such a way that God's plan, God's glory, may become a reality, so that all may grow as brothers and sisters in the inward freedom of the children of God, and have fullness of life." (Superior General Concepcion Camacho, RSCJ)

The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind.

On these pages, we will share prayers, poems, reflections and artwork that reflect the spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We hope you will return here periodically for resources appropriate to the liturgical season and our Sacred Heart traditions.

All Saints, All Souls and Us

All Saints, All Souls and Us

The month of November invites us to remember all those who have died, those known to us and those unknown. It is worth considering that we celebrate All Saints and All Souls days, not in spring or summer, but in the fall when nature is letting go, life is moving inward. This is a time for harvesting, for reflection.

In taking this time for reflection, two themes emerge:

Pray a grace before and after meals

Pray a grace before and after meals

During the month of November, the month of remembrance and thanksgiving, we invite you to pray a grace before and after meals (as the Pope suggests in Laudat Si’).

A special element of the grace before meals is an opportunity each day to name a family member or friend, perhaps even a person in the news who has died, and to share what it is about that person that stays with us. Together we can remember and celebrate those who have died, give thanks for how they have touched our lives, and ask God’s blessings on our world, so in need of healing and hope.

First Friday Reflection for September 2015

Sacred Heart by Manfred Bugl

When I look at this image, I feel safe and loved. I love the colors, the depth, the vitality, but most of all I love the emotion. I identify with what I perceive as a human figure in the lower right corner, sheltered by the cross and the Sacred Heart. There is warmth emanating from that little corner of the world, and the cross of Jesus, with its sturdy support and fiery center, protects her. In a world that offers too much violence, too much uncertainty, too much casual meanness and self-involvement, how many of us are looking for nothing more than security and love?

Prayer for Faithful Stewardship

Pope Francis has designated September 1 as a Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. We offer the prayer below for your use on this day.

Good and gracious God,
I thank you for the beauty of the earth and all creation.
Help me to hear always the calling to be a good steward of your gifts, the caretaker of all you have entrusted to us on earth.
Let me always recognize, cherish and enjoy the goodness in all of creation.
Teach me reverence for every person and all living things.

Prayers for the new school year

As the new school year begins, we offer some prayers for our Sacred Heart students, teachers, staff, parents and trustees:

In the words of Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ:

Heavenly Father, unseen Companion of our life,
give us faith and eager expectancy
as we begin this fresh stage of our journey.

Take from us all fear of the unknown
and teach us to wrest treasures from the darkness.

First Friday Reflection for August 2015

For four years I lived in a small town in Haiti and, although there is not proof that the creator of this image is Haitian, I see it through that lens.

The bright white of his robe reminds me of the dresses of the little girls of the village, washed in the muddy water of drainage ditches yet emerging spotless! Starched and pressed with irons filled with hot charcoal, made from trees stripped and burned in the decimated hills, yet still providing fuel for food and a bit of dignity.

First Friday Reflection for July 2015

This image of the Sacred Heart, as traditional as any image could be, held a place of honor in my husband’s family home on the living room fireplace mantel. It was there before he was born and it remains there today. Each evening, his parents would gather the family around it for the family rosary. When I first saw it, in the ‘70s, I was fascinated by the warmth and peace that seemed to radiate from the image – a human with a heart, yet divine.