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Our Spirituality

In prayer we come to Him with everything that touches our life,
with the sufferings and hopes of humanity.
 (Constitutions, 20)

As apostolic contemplatives, Religious of the Sacred Heart root our lives in prayer. With a mission to discover and reveal the love of God, our spirituality and our mission are based in love. Our contemplative outlook is part of who we are, whether in prayer, in ministry or in our daily lives.

"The contemplative outlook on the world has been a call to be authentic apostles of Christ's love, to help bring to birth a more welcoming world, to make known a God who is great, bountiful and tender. It is a call to educate in such a way that God's plan, God's glory, may become a reality, so that all may grow as brothers and sisters in the inward freedom of the children of God, and have fullness of life." (Superior General Concepcion Camacho, RSCJ)

The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind.

On these pages, we will share prayers, poems, reflections and artwork that reflect the spirituality of the Society of the Sacred Heart. We hope you will return here periodically for resources appropriate to the liturgical season and our Sacred Heart traditions.

First Friday reflection for November 2019

On these Feasts of All Saints and All Souls,

we remember you, O Holy Ones,
You who have held the light in the darkness,
whose courage has bolstered our fear;
You who have made love your name,
whose humility enlivens our spark of faith;
You who have made each day matter,
whose generosity opens us to giving;
You who are recognized in the Communion of Saints
and the ones recognized in the communion of our hearts.

Feast of Mater Admirabilis 2019

May Mater lure us
to step off the treadmill, put down the cell phone, 
disconnect from our own interior chatter and 
shift our gaze inwardly.
By her example, 
let us linger with the One who resides at the core of our being.
In doing so, may we discover anew our source of 
serenity, confidence, and joy.

Image: Mater statue from the Province of Mexico

First Friday reflection for September 2019

As we enter a new school year and transition into a new season this month, we invite you, as members of the Sacred Heart family, to join us in exploring our theme for the next year, “Cultivating Kinship through Compassion, Courage and Contemplation.”

We encourage you to reflect on this theme in your life and within your families and communities throughout the upcoming year and school year.

First Friday reflection for July 2019

First Friday reflection for July 2019

Today’s Gospel, Matthew 9:9-13, is about the call of Matthew, the tax collector. It tells us so much about Christ’s compassionate heart!

Jesus, walking along the road with his disciples, comes to the stall on the side of the road where Matthew collects taxes for the Roman occupiers. Surely his eyes are on Jesus, and he is very aware of his own sinfulness and rejection by his own people

The Feast of the Sacred Heart 2019

The Feast of the Sacred Heart 2019

We each have a unique story or moment of coming to know the Sacred Heart of Jesus; through an RSCJ, an Associate, a service experience, our education, a vocational journey, our career, a friend or a spouse. Our encounters, though vast, draw us into a community, connected far and wide, full of diverse backgrounds, understandings, ideas, hopes and goals.