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For Your Prayers

Please Pray Amen

Please pray for mom Derek Gerard. I'm suffering with ill health. St. Michael Archangel protect us, Amen.

financial needs

Prayer for my Family. We are in Financial Distress. God hasn't answered our Prayers yet. We can't Pay our Rent, Debts, & Obligations (all past due). We can't do it alone. We need Gods Help. Thank you for your Prayerful Support...

New heart for Gerald

I’m desperately requesting prayers for my uncle Gerald. He’s had unexpected complications with his open heart surgery and is now in need of a transplant to survive. The heart surgeon has called this a hail marry transplant. They have bay-flighted him to Tampa, Florida and is in critical condition. This is extremely devastating to us. Please keep him in your prayers.


Please pray for God's will to enter the relationship of Thomas and Marissa.

Marriage Restoration

My husband and I separated in March 2017 because I forced it upon him. I asked him to move out repeatedly, and 2 years later, he finally did. He's been out of the house since April 2019. God has really worked on my heart since then. Now I'm the one who wants to work it out, but he has moved on. I still think God can heal our hearts and our marriage. Please pray for restoration.

abusive situation

Father, I pray that with your Divine power to break the strong holds that are upon me right now as your will will be done. I am in abusive situation and as it is written: I lift up my eyes to the hills from where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. In the name of Christ Jesus, I pray, Amen.


Please pray for Lloyd to heal and for me during this fearful time.


I need prayer for complete deliverance from besetting sins...that God will intervene and do what He needs to.