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For Your Prayers

Friends in Need

Please remember in prayer these dear friends: Roger, Lorien, Ann, Marietta, Isabelle, Dorothy, Sr. M. Timothea, RSM, Father Matt

Protection and healing

Please pray for the Intercessors of the Trinity core team and their families. Pray for all the intentions of those that come to our prayer group each Tuesday evening.

Plea for prayer for brain injury

Please know that your prayers for my precious daughter, Bella are being answered. Bella suffered a traumatic brain injury back in July. She was discharged from inpatient on January 11 and is making great progress every day. Thanks be to God! Please continue to prayer for her, for our family, and her friends.

family problems

Mory and Sim are a couple with 2 little children. They have many problems and difficulties. Please pray for peace and love between them.