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Lens, Pens, Paper, Heart

These are some wild times in this wide world… And an opportunity to consider things…to notice. I’m trying to take a walk every day and to write as well. As I collect several pieces, I’ll put them together into a post. Haiku is not a regular form for me—the limitations and discipline is helpful these days—and an opportunity to express some measure of depth with brevity. Somehow all of that feels right for where my brain is now. The poem in the middle was written after I used the line about God shaking her head as a comment on a friend’s photo of a grocery store in SanFrancisco.

Juliet Mousseau professes final vows in Society of the Sacred Heart

Juliet Mousseau professes final vows, Villa Lante, Rome, Italy

Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ, took her final vows as a member of the Society of the Sacred Heart on Sunday, January 26, 2020. The private ceremony took place at the Villa Lante community in Rome, Italy, with eight other RSCJ from six countries. She celebrated with the St. Louis community on February 22 with a Mass and reception at the Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne in St. Charles, Missouri.

Self-isolation and a thirst for love

We seem to be living in a somewhat surreal, somewhat liminal time. Every aspect of our lives, our interactions, our assumptions, is changing - at times rapidly - thanks to Coronavirus; and yet, at first glance, nothing seems unchanged. People are still out and about (albeit all the panic-buying is far from normal!), schools and theatres still open, pubs and restaurants still doing business.