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Never lockdown our hearts

Did we ever used to notice how often we touch our own faces? How often, in public places, we reach out and touch handrails and doors; or, in shops, pick items up to examine them, or try on clothes? Did we even notice casually brushing against a stranger's sleeve, or think twice about greeting people with handshakes or hugs? Could we have imagined, even a few weeks ago, that now the only ones assured of being touched and held are the sick and bedbound - but only through sterile gloves and clothes? Did we pause and reflect on the physicality of our liturgies, rituals and sacraments?

Eucharist Transfiguration

We've been calling them private Masses, but there's absolutely nothing private about a Mass being livestreamed potentially around the world. That's how so many of us experienced the Eucharist today; and not a normal Mass, either, but one shorn of servers, choir, readers and processions, its virtual congregation united, even while largely unaware of each other.