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In praise of... leftovers

There's something very satisfying about cooking with leftovers. In fact, some of my most delicious bakes, soups and stews have been concocted using whatever is yielded by a forage in the fridge and larder. These are one-off dishes; a never-to-be repeated combination of ingredients and proportions which complement and bring out the best in each other. And then, of course, there's the deliciousness of food into which flavour has soaked, or the simplicity of leftover Christmas turkey and gravy, warmed up on Boxing Day and filling a generous, unctuous sandwich.

Statement in support of the Global Climate Strike

September 20, 2019

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat stated that she would have founded the Society of the Sacred Heart for the “sake of a single child.” This commitment is at the heart of our mission. Committed to the well-being and safety of all children, the United States – Canada Province joins with schools, the Global Catholic Climate Movement and intergenerational groups across the globe in supporting the Global Climate Strike Movement on September 20, 2019.

Remembering Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts at the Missouri History Museum with Provincial Sheila Hammond (left), RSCJ; Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ; and Dr. Frances Levine, President and CEO of the Missouri Historical Society (right)

The Religious of the Sacred Heart join all who are mourning the loss of Cokie Roberts, legendary journalist, political commentator and Sacred Heart alumna. As we listen to Cokie’s well-deserved accolades, our hearts are filled with a profound mixture of sadness and gratitude.

We have lost a wonderful friend and a faithful partner in mission. In all that she did, Cokie was that eloquent lesson to the world whom Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat described when she wrote to the Children of the Sacred Heart, “Through your very lives, you will extend into the world our mission.”

No other job

I found a document on my laptop the other day, while I was tidying up and clearing various folders. At first I didn't recognise its name, but once I opened it I remembered... Some months ago a secondary school chaplain had asked me and some other religious to answer questions from her Year 8 pupils, as part of a project they were doing, and this document contained my answers. The questions varied, from what I wear to whether I've changed my name; what work I do to how often I pray and why I became a nun in the first place.