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'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker': All stories are true

  • Photo by John Towner on Unsplash

by Kim King, RSCJ

Long ago, in a state far, far away from where I am now, I was in the backseat of our family VW, riding home from the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope, and looking up at the night sky, thinking … All of that is happening up there … maybe … but wow … what if it’s true??. The other day, 43 years later, I was in the bank down the street and my email ping-ed with an idea and invitation to write about the most recent Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker. At the film’s conclusion, given the passage of time and accumulated experience, I did not wonder if it was true. Blasters, lightsabers and epic space battles aside, I knew it was. 

Cloaked in all of Hollywoods technical finery, the Star Wars saga takes us through our own ever human journey of discerning the narrative by which we will live our lives and dealing with the good, the grace, the conflict, confusion, temptations and repercussions of our choices.

The 42-year-long series has been set up in three sets of trilogies. The first group was actually movies 4-5-6 followed by prequels 1-2-3 and ending with 7-8-9 to show where it was all headed. In this final trilogy, there remains a motley collection of those who support the Rebellion — those who band together in community while still having differences of opinion/approach and who operate for the greater good. There are also those who have opted for the First Order, those who seek power at any price and thrust at their enemies with weapons powered by vengeance and personal interest. 

Not unlike at the time of Jesus … not unlike now. 

People are tempted by the allure of domination, the allure of using power to quash opposition and safeguard the fulfillment of their own motives and desires. Some come to realize their power can be harnessed, directed, toward others in ways that liberate, illuminate and serve the galaxy. People discern — Light or Evil? Jedis or Siths? Families are broken apart; traitors exposed; costs are weighed; outcomes are both anticipated and impossible to imagine; choices are made.

Not unlike at the time of Jesus … not unlike now.

There is chaos, confusion, conversion and redemption; self-seeking, acts of valour, self-sacrifice and assassination; identity crises, acceptance, times of desolation and the ache of consolation that comes through a fullness of love, through of living ones call, with all that comes along with it.

Throughout Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the Rebellion is clear — the message of light isnt held by One because the light can not be contained by One. It is held in common … and we are never alone. The Force is among us, with us, with those who work together to keep alive the spark of hope — because without it, the galaxy is destroyed. Those who came before will show those here now the way home, together. We will only get there together. 

Believing that, acting on that … or not … is a choice, a discernment, with profound consequences.

Not unlike at the time of Jesus … not unlike now.