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Courage and confidence in our lives today

Like many who are part of the Sacred Heart community, courage and confidence are words I most often associate with Philippine. How was she able to travel to a new country that was so foreign, so unknown to her? And what gave her the courage to feel that she could keep going after so many years of disappointment at not being able to get to America, and later not being able to work with the Native Americans she so wanted to serve.

I find myself looking to Philippine when I’m grappling with the big moments in my life—perhaps the grave illness of a family member or friend, a serious concern about one of my children, or a considerable worry about a student or colleague who is struggling. But what about in the little moments of everyday life? Do I call on Philippine when I need courage and confidence during those times? The times when I need courage to admit a mistake or to say “I’m sorry” when I’ve hurt another. And am I confident enough to confront a colleague—or a superior—when I perceive an injustice or have a differing opinion? I know Philippine is there for me, even during these little moments, but sometimes I don’t have the courage to seek her help. I need to work on that…  

Anonymous Sacred Heart Alum