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If you are already at home in love...

Last month, in the space of a few days, I heard of the deaths of three women aged only forty or so. One - who died unexpectedly - was unknown to me: the friend of a friend, whom I had only encountered via her postings on social media. From these, though, and from what her friend has said to me, it's clear that she was a woman of great faith and love, of humour, humanity and a strong, quietly intense passion for God.

A Heart-with-us

Yesterday was the anniversary of the day I became a novice, when I was given my own copy of the Society's Constitutions. Over the following weeks and months, as I studied them, and entered more deeply into our spirituality, I began to discover the all-embracing Heart, open and pierced, at the heart of my - and every RSCJ's - call, and of our spirituality and charism, and also embedded in the heart of our world.