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Tatting with Life and Language

I have written before about why I like carrying a book in my daily bag even if I know I might not get to read it. There is something about the company of a known written work that pleases me.  When read in different contexts or at different moments in time, the ideas, the language, create new lacework for me to explore; and yet, the thread remains familiar.

Surprised by spring

Thus far, it's been a strange, topsy-turvey, stop-start sort of spring. A relatively mild February ended in the grip of raw, bitter cold, and a country transformed - and transfixed - by snow. By the end of the first week of March, though, temperatures began to pick up, and slowly climbed to something resembling normal. Last Friday we basked in strong, wintry sunshine, and people sat outdoors drinking tea; on Saturday we awoke to snow and a penetrating, icy cold.